Finding Your ‘Big Why’

Finding Your ‘Big Why’

Written by Dr. Larry

Hi, I’m Dr. Larry Burchett, and I’ve got a big question for you today: what is your Big Why? Now this comes from my book, The Gentleman’s Diet, which is available on Amazon my friends, both on the Kindle and this hard copy version. And there’s a workbook in it that explains how you can explore your Big Why, but what I mean by this is: what are you doing here on this planet? What is most important to you? What’s your mission and purpose? What are your most important relationships? All of this kind of wraps into the Big Why.

I’m an E.R. doctor. I work in the hospital, and I’ve seen a lot of people die. And I’ve seen a lot of people who have come really close and not die — survived heart attacks or strokes or whatever. In these moments, I have these conversations with them where I’m like, ‘Hey, you almost died. What the hell are you doing here? What are you here for? What is your life about? What’s important to you?’ And in those moments for these people, it’s like a gift. Things get really clear when you’re confronted with death. And I usually hear three basic things of what’s important to them.

Number one is relationships. People, spouses, kids. So people want to live to do certain things with their spouse — to travel, to share moments. They want to be there with their kids, and see their kids grow up and go to college and all these things. And if you’re dying of heart disease and obesity and blood pressure and diabetes, you’re gonna lose that. You’re not gonna see those. So number one is relationships.

Two is just to do the things they enjoy about life. Like: what do you like to do? And then people are so different with all the things that they enjoy, from music, movies to hiking, traveling and whatever, but when confronted with losing it all, people tend to all of a sudden get clear. ‘Hey, I’m willing to do whatever it takes so I can still do the things that I enjoy.’ And as your health gets worse, you can’t do everything that you enjoy. So it’s like this added animal: to take care of yourself.

Three is this concept of a mission. Some people feel like they were put on this planet to accomplish a purpose. I’ve had this conversation with everyone from CEOs to drug addicts in Compton, and they all say the same stuff. I remember one guy in Compton who was working in a mentor program; he had this mission where he wanted to help people in his community, and he was doing drugs. He had a heart attack, and he and I had this conversation, and he just felt like he was still meant to be here to carry out that mission. That sense of mission and purpose.

And when you’re confronted with this death and losing it all, you kind of get this question: what are you here to do? What is your Big Why? I want you to think about that, and remember that, and integrate that. And make sure that the way you live your life is in alignment with that Big Why. Should you be doing that and living this lifestyle? Doing those drugs or drinking too much? Or eating like crap or never exercising or whatever the thing is — does that really line up with your Big Why and your vision for your life?

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