Should You Take Supplements When Working Out as a Beginner?

Should You Take Supplements When Working Out as a Beginner?


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If you’re beginning your relationship with building muscle, you may be wondering if you should take supplements. But according to personal trainer and bodybuilder Steve Lombardi, you don’t need to get too in depth with the supplement talk yet — at this point, you can stick to the basics.

Should I take protein supplements to help build muscle?

Your body probably doesn’t need extra protein until you’re at the point where you’re really “ripping it up” in the gym, says Lombardi.

Lombardi recommends a whey protein powder. If you’re concerned about the amount of supplements you should take daily, a good rule of thumb is to consume a maximum of a gram for every pound you weigh. Eating fish or eggs after a workout may give you enough at a beginner’s level as well.

The key is to remember that you’re not Mr. Olympia. The amount of protein supplements you should take to build muscle should probably not be a huge concern for you at this point.

What other supplements can I take as a beginner?

Lombardi is, however, a fan of creatine, as long as you can verify you aren’t getting a placebo effect. Lombardi tests a new supplement each time by making sure he isn’t looking for the supplement to work — he’s just paying attention to his body to notice a possible difference.

Creatine, he says, gives him a good muscle contraction. Remember, though, that Lombardi is a professional bodybuilder. If you’re wondering what supplements you should take to get ripped, the simple truth is that it probably doesn’t matter too much until you get to the point where you actually are ripped.

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