The Simple Motto One Bodybuilder Lives By

The Simple Motto One Bodybuilder Lives By

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All you.”

That’s the personal fitness motto of Steve Lombardi, a 60-year-old ICU nurse and personal trainer who has been bodybuilding for almost 50 years.

“It’s all you,” Steve says. “You’re the one putting the food in your mouth, you’re the one that’s exercising, and you’re the one that has to take responsibility for it.”

Personal accountability and self-discipline are part of what Steve attributes to his successful fit lifestyle and commitment to lifelong health.

“Everything you do is your responsibility,” he continues. “Don’t blame it on your gym not having this particular piece of equipment or that you don’t have the supplement.”

When visualizing where you want to be versus where you are right now, it can be tempting to try to find some sort of quick fix or shortcut. But Steve cautions about dreaming of the near-instant gratification that fad diets and trendy workout challenges offer us. “Nothing’s gonna happen from a magic pill; that’s someone trying to sell you something,” he says.

Getting Started

Everyone has a moment when they decide that they want to make a change and they decide to put in the work to make that change happen. There’s a specific ‘beginning’ for each of us. So how did Steve begin his 50-year commitment to fitness and bodybuilding?

At age 14, Steve was a scrawny kid. Very scrawny.

“My father wouldn’t let me take my shirt off when we’d go to the swimming pool because I looked malnourished,” he says.

His father bought Steve a set of weights to help him fill out and to get him into high school sports. But as Steve spent more and more time in the family garage lifting that first set of weights, he decided, “the hell with conventional sports; I like weight lifting!”

But it wasn’t until Steve saw a bodybuilding magazine with a muscular man flexing on the cover that he felt his calling to a bodybuilding lifestyle that would be his focus for the coming decades. Steve decided then and there, “I wanna be like that guy.”

No Excuses

This realization set in motion Steve’s lifelong commitment to fitness, building muscle, shedding fat-based weight and eating healthy. The key to Steve’s bodybuilding lifestyle is persistence and dedication, which he believes anyone with any kind of fitness goal can emulate to achieve his success.

“You pick up the weight. You put it down. You pick it up again. You put it down again. And you eat. And you rest. And you sleep,” Steve says.

Steve has a ‘no excuses’ attitude surrounding his motto of “All You.”

’No pain, no gain,’” he quotes. “You have to get out of your comfort zone and get sad sometimes. Boo hoo. I’m sorry — if you need to move forward, you have to be uncomfortable with yourself. You have to say, ‘I’m going to change. I’m going to lose this weight. I’m going to gain this muscle.’ And that doesn’t happen in a couple of weeks then you go back to your old lifestyle. Guess what? This is for life. You’re gonna eat sensibly, you’re gonna exercise sensibly, and it’s gonna be for the rest of your life.”

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