An Introduction to Today’s Modern Man

An Introduction to Today’s Modern Man

Written by Dr. Larry

I noticed something when I would coach men on losing weight, as their doctor.

After dropping 50 pounds, they not only looked better; they felt better. They naturally started thinking about dating and sex. And they wanted more in terms of career and money. They were ready to go after the life they really wanted. So what started in writing The Gentleman’s Diet, I have seen naturally lends itself to dealing with the whole person — not just getting ripped and in shape, but creating a whole life.

Take Chris, for example. He’s lost about 60 pounds, hasn’t felt and looked this good in almost 10 years. New clothes, some new confidence. He’s actually a pretty funny guy, and was dating a complete babe (I was impressed). But she dumped him, and when she did, he crumbled to pieces, finally admitting to me a core issue of his: “I hate myself.” It wasn’t just about how he looked — which, he hated being obese, too — it was much deeper, covered with bouts of alcoholism and family issues.

Not exactly something we can fix in 30 days, although you might think based on the before/after pics out there today that everything’s awesome once you lose the weight. This is real shit, deep issues, that many men face today. I’m not running away from them, just like if you come to my ER dying, I’m not going to take a break. It’s time to confront these issues, be honest about them, and ask ourselves, “Ok, if self-hate is the issue, how do we build genuine self-love?” Because that’s been done before, and if needed, we will do it again.

Or, take another patient of mine. Rob. When I started with him, he had ballooned from his lean days of semi-pro ball, tipping the scales around 250 (and I ain’t talkin muscle). He was unemployed, getting divorced and living with his parents. Did I mention his history of drug abuse? Methamphetamine addiction as well. Things that a 6-week shred aren’t going to touch. One week at a time, we started talking about food and exercise. Of course, what we were really talking about was his inner game, his mentality — ultimately, his spirit, mission and beliefs about what are possible for his life. 50 pounds later, he starts thinking about dating again, and for him, too, his attention also turned to his work — career and money. I started to see a pattern. Body, the ladies, money. Common things men want. Get the body in shape, and confidence improves and energizes the next pursuit.

Now you might be tempted to think that, if you believed only what you see on supplement bottles and magazine covers, you can merely pump up the exterior with muscles, sports cars and lovely ladies on your arms to be happy. But in my professional experience, it is normal for most men to need to do some serious work on the inside in order to enjoy any real success and truly be happy. We have to deal with the self-hate, with the addiction. With the nagging myth that we are never enough, despite the bank account, the wife and kids, and the latest Nikes.

I am not here to start the next fad, nor sell the latest horseshit cleanse. I want to do much more. I want to talk about everything that we’re not talking about — everything that’s holding back a generation of men from being our best and having and enjoying the lives we deserve. REAL shit. Not just the greased up muscles (put away the baby lotion, bro) for a buffed exterior, but authentic inner strength, with clarity and purpose.

That’s today’s real modern man. Interested to join that conversation?

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