How Many Reps and Sets Do You Need to Build Muscle?

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry Muscles can’t count,” says Steve Lombardi, personal trainer and bodybuilder. ”They can’t hear. You can grunt all you want; they’re not impressed. They can’t read.” His point, of course, is that everyone’s an individual. How many reps and sets you use to build muscle is going to depend solely on you. For beginners, Lombardi … Read More

The Two Most Important Things You Can Do to Prevent Injuries While Exercising

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry You’re probably going to get hurt at some point, according to Steve Lombardi, personal trainer and 50-year bodybuilding veteran — but the goal is to minimize how often and how seriously you hurt yourself throughout your lifetime of exercising. Here are Steve’s two biggest tips for how to prevent injuries while exercising: Common exercise … Read More

Should You Take Supplements When Working Out as a Beginner?

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry If you’re beginning your relationship with building muscle, you may be wondering if you should take supplements. But according to personal trainer and bodybuilder Steve Lombardi, you don’t need to get too in depth with the supplement talk yet — at this point, you can stick to the basics. Your body probably doesn’t need … Read More

The Importance of Sleep for Good Health

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry Two key factors come to mind when we think of being healthy: diet and exercise. But the importance of adequate sleep shouldn’t be overlooked either, no matter what your fitness goals are. Think about how you feel when you’re tired: You have trouble making good decisions, and you’re not as present or aware. How … Read More

The Easy Things You Can Do Every Day to Find Happiness

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry Health and wellness coach Caroline Jordan works with a lot of highly intelligent clients. But, when she asks them, “What do you want?” they have no idea. For many of us, happiness is something we’ll achieve once we reach that next work goal or life milestone. But happiness isn’t something saved for the future; … Read More

How to Balance Exercise and Rest

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry How often should you be working out, and how often should you be resting your muscles? Steve Lombardi, a personal trainer and ICU nurse who’s been bodybuilding for 50 years, prefers an intense, high-quality workout for a shorter amount of time rather than spending several hours a day in the gym. He works out … Read More

3 Commonly Neglected Muscle Groups — and How to Strengthen Them

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry Muscle imbalance can be a visual problem for veteran bodybuilders like Steve Lombardi, but it can also cause performance problems in your active life and make you more vulnerable to injuries — making neglected muscle groups a potential health risk. What are the most neglected muscle groups of the body, and how can you … Read More

Do You Need Carbs to Build Muscle?

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry What effect do carbs in the muscle building process have on your body? Steve Lombardi, an ICU nurse and personal trainer, says it’s true that carbs help build muscle, but they’re a more minor component. Protein is still the name of the game when it comes to packing on muscle without fat, but the … Read More

The Simple Motto One Bodybuilder Lives By

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry All you.” That’s the personal fitness motto of Steve Lombardi, a 60-year-old ICU nurse and personal trainer who has been bodybuilding for almost 50 years. “It’s all you,” Steve says. “You’re the one putting the food in your mouth, you’re the one that’s exercising, and you’re the one that has to take responsibility for … Read More