An ER Doctor Reveals how Patients Suffered during PG&E’s Planned Power Outage

Written by Dr. Larry On Tuesday, October 8, PG&E, the electrical provider for the San Francisco Bay Area, announced a wide spread power outage, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. I was the doctor in an ER that did not have power during that outage. While I understand the intent to prevent fires especially given the 2017 fires in Santa … Read More

Coaching Men to Their Optimal Health with Dr. Myles Spar

Watch this episode on Apple Podcasts (Opens New Window): There aren’t a lot of people focusing on men’s health beyond general fitness. The number of messages out in the wild can be very confusing for the average guy. [3:15] Doctors are trained to focus specifically on one chief complaint of their patient, and that’s the recipe that Dr. Myle’s followed … Read More

An ER Doctor’s Explanation of Bernie’s Heart Attack

Written by Dr. Larry Bernie had a heart attack. I went on KTVU San Francisco’s Fox news as their medical expert on Wednesday, Oct 2, to discuss the blockage in his heart, that we were later told was in fact a heart attack. As an ER doctor over 10 years having attended countless patients with heart attacks who have gotten … Read More