How 15 Minutes a Day Can Help You Live Longer

On the days when I am tired and don’t feel like working out, I think of this. When do I not have even 15 minutes? Seriously. And it’s getting me two extra years of life to have with my family, potential grandkids, doing the things I love. Fifteen minutes matters. Getting regular exercise can be difficult, and spending hours at … Read More

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting a Weight Loss Goal

Imagine if you had a bow and arrow and were just standing with a forest in front of you, without a specific target. You could randomly start shooting arrows, and you might hit something — a tree, probably the ground, hopefully not a fellow archer. Chances that you are going to hit the bulls-eye? Close to zero, I’d say. Without … Read More

5 Reasons to Keep a Food Diary

How many grams of sugar have you had today? What time did you have breakfast this morning? Exactly how many chips did you eat at lunch? Most of us like to think we know what we are consuming, but without a written record of our eating habits, it can be difficult to answer questions like these. A food diary can … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Preparing Food for the Week

When you are trying to create a healthier lifestyle, it can be easy to get off track. Long days at work may have you rushing to a fast food chain between appointments, and by the time you get home in the evening, you may be ready to order takeout and call it a night. But many of the distractions and … Read More