Dr. Larry Burchett

Getting you in shape… Getting you ripped

I’ve dedicated myself to keeping men just like you out of my Emergency Room. But they not only look better and feel better, they are more confident and ready to go after the life – including the money, the relationship, the wild ride – that they really want.

These men are not mere Alphas in the gym, they have heart and character, men strong of mind and spirit. These are men with a mission.

They seek to become – the total package.

Today’s Modern Man.

I want you on that path. Now.

Public Appearances

The Gentleman’s Diet:

  • 10 actual meal plans, including breakfast, lunch, snacks and shakes
  • 10 exercise regimens, including cardio and weight lifting specifics
  • Pictures, bios, quotes and philosophies of the Gents
  • A workbook to help you find authentic motivation and build the plan that works for you
  • Practical tips from a registered dietitian, including details of a 100 pound weight loss story

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