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For over a decade, I’ve worked as a medical doctor MD in over 20 different hospitals from California to New York, and in Haiti, South America and Africa. Simply put, if you saw what I see everyday as an ER doctor, it would change your life. With stories from the ER, I hope to do that for you here.You can learn these lessons on your own, and many do. Or you can join me for weekly story time, and one article, one video, one person at a time, we can talk about not only what you need to do to stay out of my ER by intentional design of your style of life, but how you can live a life that when looking back from your deathbed–is full, rich and deeply satisfying.

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The Gentleman’s Diet:

  • 10 actual meal plans, including breakfast, lunch, snacks and shakes
  • 10 exercise regimens, including cardio and weight lifting specifics
  • Pictures, bios, quotes and philosophies of the Gents
  • A workbook to help you find authentic motivation and build the plan that works for you
  • Practical tips from a registered dietitian, including details of a 100 pound weight loss story