Doctor Larry


Health, medicine, and the modern man

MD and Emergency Room Physician, national media personality, and author, Dr. Larry Burchett’s candor and unique perspective have opened up a broader conversation on what it means to be a modern man. Dr. Larry is the author of The Gentleman’s Diet, a recurring men’s lifestyle contributor on NBC’s Today, and serves as FOX San Francisco’s medical expert. Dr. Larry also recently launched a podcast, “Life Can Change In A Moment” which talks about the moments that changed everything, which is available on Youtube and Apple Podcasts.

Dr. Larry combines his understanding of Family Medicine, and his knowledge of neuro-linguistic programming, with his own transformative experiences — including practicing medicine in rural Africa, and learning how to walk again after a near-death car accident — to help other men reach an invaluable understanding of real purpose and deeper appreciation, rather than chasing instant gratification based on fleeting societal projections of idealized physical image and conspicuous consumption. Dr. Larry refuses to stop at six-pack abs when what most men need in their lives is the muscle of mission and the strength of conviction…

A thoroughly modern mentor and motivator, Dr. Larry gives voice to the issues that today’s men face the most, giving them the trusted voice they need to become the best version of themselves.

His accessibility has given many men permission to come forward and share with him their personal struggles, questions and doubts, allowing Dr. Larry to become the cool older brother they never knew they had. He exudes a special sense of camaraderie in his own humorous, relatable style, expressing a healthy distaste for the taciturn medical jargon and the false fitness promises and fad diets with which today’s man is inundated on a daily basis. Instead he separates fact from fiction, preferring to use historical models of what works, all while providing men with a practical insider’s edge they need in order to get fit, find true lasting happiness and realize their fullest potential, living longer, healthier, more passionate and more productive lives.