Do The Work

Do The Work

Written by Dr. Larry

Just a simple truth I’ve been reflecting on a lot recently, and also on this Sunday. Coming to appreciate this more and more. So simple. So true.

In order to get just about anything we want in life requires we put in the time and energy to make it happen. Want a better body? Do the work of consistently eating right and exercising, and without question, it will follow.

Want a solid loving relationship? Do the work. The inner work. On myself. Which means, let’s be real, confronting my fears, healing old wounds, tolerating the uncomfortableness of feeling vulnerable when letting the guard down with someone new. All of this, ultimately–is work. Want the thing? Do the work.

To get to the next level with the podcast? Do the work.

To take care of patients, do the work.

Notice I didn’t say, discover the hack. Find the quickest fix. The shortest cut to the goal. Because all of these things I really want–the benefits of healthy lifestyle (strength, longevity, physique), true love, meaningful work–are NEVER a hack away. They are work away. And often–a shitload of work.

I think a lot about being an ER doctor. I still can’t believe the amount of problems that, with modern medicine (bows to the doctors and researchers who have come before), we are able to take care of. Everybody that walks in the door. Did ER MDs get here by reading the latest book on how to hack your way to taking care of someone who is about to die in front of you.

In that light, hacks are a joke. There is no place for this inferior, short term mentality. We should always pursue better ways to diagnose and treat disease, especially with preventative lifestyle. But this hack stuff–is really for underperformers. Short term racers. Long term losers.

The amount of work of 4 years of medical school was incredible. Overwhelming to think about, even now, almost 14 years since I graduated. And by doing the work, I became a doctor, with real abilities to heal and save lives. Honestly, it took about 5 more years after med school (3 of residency and 2 out in the real world practicing alone) before I really knew what I was doing. Maybe even 8 years after med school. 8 years of what? Doing. The. Work.

Not desperately seeking out the latest hack, like a starving dog.

What do you want? Get an image of it in your mind. See yourself now, and then in the future having this thing, or being this thing. Now. the space between you now and you having this–see yourself doing the work. The things that will take you from A to B. To get you what you want. Whatever it is. Get clear on that path and what it involves, and how it will feel to have and be that. Awesome. And that path. How do you get there? Can you guess the mantra to help you get there? You got it, big guy.

Do the work.

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