What Happened When I Turned My Phone Off For 24 Hours

Written by Dr. Larry I recently started taking a day off from my phone. And I’m going to tell you about it in this blog. Let me just say this to start–I can’t wait until the next day without my phone, it went so well. And by day without my phone, I mean, turning the phone off for 24 hours …

Boost Energy and Beat Fatigue: For Good

Dr. Larry collaborates with “America’s Energy Doctor,” Dr. Jason Littleton, to bring you the best ways to boost energy and to finally stop feeling tired all the time.

Want Success? What are You Tracking?

Often, the first step to improving an aspect of your life is to track its progress. Dr. Larry explains how to start tracking what really matters.

How Many Reps and Sets Do You Need to Build Muscle?

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry Muscles can’t count,” says Steve Lombardi, personal trainer and bodybuilder. ”They can’t hear. You can grunt all you want; they’re not impressed. They can’t read.” His point, of course, is that everyone’s an individual. How many reps and sets you use to build muscle is going to depend solely on you. For beginners, Lombardi …