How to NOT KILL GRANDMA at Thanksgiving this year

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How to NOT KILL GRANDMA at Thanksgiving this year.

Written by Dr. Larry

“T hink about NOT getting together in person.  Dine virtually.  Drop off food.

Instagram Post: It’s blunt and almost offensive, but I’m serious–we’re going to lose some family members this year because they get COVID at holiday gatherings.

If you are going to get together in person…

  1. Get tested beforehand.
  2. 10 days before Thanksgiving, minimize any COVID risks.
  3. Travel by car instead of plane/public transportation, if possible.
  4. Wear a mask, wash your hands.
  5. Stay 6 feet apart. Consider doing it outside (if warm enough, obvious).

It’s absurd, but I’m not joking. 

Sadly, we are going to lose many grandmas this year because families get together at Thanksgiving, the young healthy members transmit COVID19 to the elderly, who come mid December will get sick in the ICU and many will die.
Dear god, don’t let this be you.  Some experts have said that only when we lose someone close to COVID will we take it seriously.  NOT YOU.  Since COVID cases are on the rise again, and in record setting numbers in many places over the country, I put a few tips together to help you NOT kill your grandmother this holiday season.  I wish I were kidding.

The best way, is don’t get together.

Not sure how many places you can still gather outside at a distance, that’s ideal if possible, but it’s too cold most places.  The safest option is not to get together, and to figure out how to continue the holiday tradition another way–drop Granny off some turkey, and have a zoom dinner all together.  No, it’s not ideal or nearly as good.  But it’s ZERO RISK of transmission.

Instagram RANT: Don’t kill Granny on Thanksgiving. And on Integrity. Don’t kill granny with COVID on thanksgiving. Discover and hold onto yourself, integrity and peace, feeling safe in the US to be yourself.

Everything after this that I discuss, carries some risk.  Which again sadly, will translate into dead Grandmas for Christmas.  NOT YOURS! If you are going to get together, not only do all the regular stuff — wash hands, wear a mask, keep distance (easier said than done), but getting tested beforehand would be helpful to further reduce risk that someone is infectious (not 100%, but helps).
Additionally, if you’re a young person who has been going out a lot, the more you reduce that the 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving, the lower your risk that you could be bringing home the COVID for the holidays to those you love.

If you must fly…

Consider a more protective mask than just a cloth or basic surgical mask, like an N-95 or greater (Darth Vader mask).  In some situations these are overkill, but if you’re traveling home to older folks this holiday season, I’d look into it.
Most importantly, be honest about how risky things are for your loved ones.
The older they are over 65, the worse health (weight, blood pressure, diabetes) or cancer on chemo–the higher risk that COVID will be more than just a mild flu, and could take them out.
Some Americans aren’t going to take COVID seriously until someone close to them dies.  Not your Granny.  Not this Thanksgiving.  Take care of yourself and yours this holiday. 
Hopefully by next year, things will be more back to normal.


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