Dr. Larry’s Guide to Eating Healthy on Vacation

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry For many of us, it’s a challenge to live a healthy lifestyle, eat well and stay active on vacation. Think about it. You’ve got a lot going on: you’re in the airport, traveling, staying in hotels, and you’ve got kids that are crazy and hungry. It’s easy just to feed them whatever you can … Read More

5 Things I Want You to Know About the Flu

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry In July, there is virtually no flu. But by the end of January on a bad year, it can seem like every other person coming into the emergency room is saying the same thing: “I feel like I’m going to die.” No — you just have the flu. Yes, it is horrible. I got … Read More

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting a Weight Loss Goal

Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Larry Imagine if you had a bow and arrow and were just standing with a forest in front of you, without a specific target. You could randomly start shooting arrows, and you might hit something — a tree, probably the ground, hopefully not a fellow archer. Chances that you are going to hit the bulls-eye? … Read More