S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Make Your Goal Relevant to You

S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Make Sure Your Goal is Relevant to You

Written by Dr. Larry

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re back. It’s Dr. Larry Burchett. So this is the S.M.A.R.T. Goal series. We’ve talked about specific, measurable, and attainable. We’re going to talk about relevant on this one. ‘Relevant’ for you needs to be personally meaningful. Relevant to your life.

So, for example, a young man in his 20s — it might be very relevant to him to have a lot of muscles, to be in good shape, so that he has a fun dating life. Similarly, a woman in that period of life, they want to be in really good shape for the same reason. On the other hand, having a goal of having a certain muscle mass or body fat percentage might not be relevant to a 70-year-old man or woman, who, at that point in their life, they’re more concerned with function and quality of life. So, that plan would need to be changed. What is their goal? Their goal is probably function. So those functional goals might be a little different, but the question is: how is your goal relevant to your place in life, what you want, and then also how does it reflect your mission?

You know, I had a guy who was wanting to lose weight, and it was about him being able to play with his kids. Not only to be alive, to be there when they graduate, but kids are only going to be kids once, you know, and then it’s gone. So that time to play with them and to enjoy it — he had functional goals of wanting to be able to be active, to be on the ground playing with them but he couldn’t do that because he was too heavy. Being a good father was huge to him, and experiencing this age of his children was very relevant to him. So again, it kind of ties back into the Big Why. Review the Big Why. How does this goal further your own mission, or how does this goal enable you to live the kind of lifestyle you want and enjoy the things that you enjoy?

I think for everybody it should be a goal to have blood pressure that’s under control, blood sugar under control, things like cholesterol and your weight — I think all of those affect our longevity and our ability to be active. So I would suggest that all that stuff should be under control and in target range. Then other things like smoking, excessive alcohol use, drug use — these kinds of things are relevant to everyone in terms of affecting your life. If it doesn’t actively affect it now, it certainly can in the future. So any of those can be a very relevant goal, something to work toward for your health.

Okay, so that’s relevant. I do want to have one more on timetable, and then we’ll pull it all together at the end and get you to formulate this goal into a nice, specific, written-down, clear goal that you can pursue. Don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel, and I will see you on the next video on our S.M.A.R.T. Goal series.

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